Tuesday, January 1, 2008

ALL ABOUT ME - Tech Teacher- Retired


"Retired" Technology Teacher

"Retired" Elementary School Teacher

WHY "Retired"?...
I have moved from IL to NC and have not done a job search here.

My youngest daughter is busy playing volleyball in college in NC. I try to attend every match whether @ home or Away. That takes up a lot of time in the fall.

I still would love to have a job just like my last one before I moved. I worked with students, teachers, and the tech team. We coordinated the students' learning, the teachers' learning, and even my learning. It was SO great!

This blog hopefully will tell of my journey since "retiring" from teaching technology.

There is so much out there to learn, I can't stop learning. I still want to know all about everything new and useful.

I wish there was a way to use my enthusiasm, expertise, love for teaching, and love of learning myself to earn a little money here in "RETIREMENT."