Saturday, November 15, 2008

Neuro Plasticity... What is that?

Teachers need to know how the brain works in order that they teach in the most reliable way to succeed at teaching.

I keep up with several "Brain Blogs" and although I am way out of my league in understanding it all, I do learn something each time I read from these blogs.

Take a moment and learn a little here for yourself.

As Laurie Bartels says: "I see plasticity and metacognition as closely entwined. This combination of knowing that intelligence is not fixed and thus you can change it, and knowing how you learn, is immensely positive and powerful, and has huge implications for students of any age. I translate this to students who struggle with learning issues, and aging adults who fear their brains will fade. I also think it is important for teachers to understand the concept of brain plasticity, as a means for no longer pigeon holing students."

"Of course, we take away from an author’s writing what we want or need to learn. As a provider of professional development to faculty, the final lesson I take from Doidge’s book is the power of multifaceted professional development to foster neuroplasticity in adults, and therefore enhance their creativity. I take the message that most of us have the ability to break out of habits and to learn something new, and each time we do this, it strengthens our ability to do it the next time!

We can learn more and find better ways to learn. We are Lifelong Learners and that is what Baby Boomers need to do... Keep our brains active and alive!

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