Sunday, July 26, 2009

TEDGlobal Day 1: Quotes of the Day

I particularly like this Quote of the Day from TEDGlobal Day 1: Quotes of the Day

"I thought it might be helpful to cut five years from retirement and intersperse them in my working years." - Designer Stefan Sagmeister on taking sabbaticals every seven years

It would be nice to have these little sabbaticals in the middle of our lives/careers. I think our lives would be lived more purposefully if we took them.

I understand that in Europe all/most businesses require a holiday of 4-6 weeks (This is just a piece of information floating around in my head. I have never tried to verify it!)

This "required" holiday is perhaps a mini-version of Stefan Sagmeiser's sabbatical idea.

I wonder if we would all live longer lives if we followed this philospohy and practice?

What do you think?

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