Saturday, August 15, 2009


OK, I don’t really know what I am doing here.  I hope it is not something that will ruin things for my blog. 

So I need some advice and help re: PINGing and Technorati…

I think that after posting this post, and experimenting with it, I may remove it.

All my ramblings do seem wild and crazy when I read them over again.

Here’s what happened: I was concerned that my Technorati rating had not changed.  I thought I had done whatever was necessary at BlogSpot  to automatically ping Technorati if there was anew post.

But then I went to Technorati and it said it had not been updated in 14 days.  I had been writing like mad over the last several days – 21 posts in the last 14 days!. That is major writing for me! So it should have been updated.

I GOOGLED “ping technorati” and found that perhaps, BLOGGER does not work with automatic pings to Technorati.

Could this be true?

BLOGGER does not automatically PING Technorati?!!

There was a post that said to add some text into my blog,( but it did not say where. If I put this text into my blog supposedly it would automatically ping Technorati, but WHERE to put it?  In each and every blog post? In only one blog post?  I wasn’t sure…

Then I found this site called BlogBUZZER. I typed in my blog info. They activated some code. They said I should put the code into any page of my blog. One time of inserting on any page would send a ping to any place like Technorati that I had selected to ping. 

Who can tell me what all these other places (Like Technorati) were? I had only heard of Technorati.  David Warlick calls them “information gathering services on the Internet”. I picked a couple that sounded vaguely familiar.  So now I am writing another post after inserting that BlogBUZZER Code on my previous post. 

BTW, It did make a little icon or widget at the bottom of that post.

So I am trying this to see if this works.

If you read this and know what I am talking about (because I really don’t know what I am talking about), please respond and let me know what I am doing, right or wrong!


Some things are more clear after reading David Warlick’s post here.


Thomas S said...

I saw your blog post regarding pinging and actually found the link from BlogBuzzer I have been using this utility and it does seem to help my blog and increase my rankings.


fivbert said...

Great! I am glad you found them. Are you still using them on your blog and are you happy with them? Tell me more. Thanks.