Sunday, August 16, 2009

Scientific Method Rap…?

Awesome video to introduce

                          the Scientific Method.

Hey did you know that when you embed a UTube video you can change certain things? 

On the right side of the box where you copy the embed code, there is a button called customize. You can change the size, and the colors of the “control panel” at the bottom of the video. There’s a couple of other options as well.

I never knew this until I watched the video I just posted previous to this post.  I found a comment by teacher Sean Nash from Saint Joseph High School at the website where I found that video.  A student had been enthralled by the pink “control panel” at the bottom of the video and wondered how to do it.  Sean replied.  At first I didn’t know what Sean was talking about, but then when I saw this video, I tried it before I copied the embed code and “Voila!”

This video on Scientific Method might be a great INTRO to the school before an assembly on the topic of Science Fair Projects.

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