Thursday, August 13, 2009

Teachers embrace the tools that their students are already using!

Just read a blog by ashleytan over at Another Dot in the Blogosphere relating that

“teachers should learn to embrace the tools that their students are already using.”

“teachers should model and teach students digital literacy skills like how to evaluate what they find online.”

“the type of thinking and learning that results from using real-time information vs. textbook information is often more meaningful because the real-time information is authentic.”

Read the full post and think about what you do in your classroom.

Does your school district have technology set up so you can do this?

Are you techno-savvy to teach this to your students?

Who do you know who is?

How can you become techno-savvy?

Or do YOU need to become techno-savvy or can you find another way to teach it and perhaps, learn along with your students?

Can you embrace the technology tools that your students are already embracing, even sometimes in elementary classes?

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