Thursday, August 13, 2009

Technology is free

My little brain is somewhat fried right now. 

I bend to the genius of Kevin Kelly, writing about FREE, especially in reference to technology. 

I do not think I am smart enough to understand it all. 

Kelly says in his post here,

Technology wants to be free, as in free beer, because as it become free it also increases freedom. The inherent talents, capabilities and benefits of a technology cannot be released until it is almost free. The drive toward the free unleashes the constraints on each species in the technium, allowing it to interact with as many other species of technology as is possible, engendering new hybrids and deeper ecologies of tools, and permitting human users more choices and freedoms of use. As a technology grows in abundance and cheapness, it is more likely to find its appropriate niche which it can sustain itself and support other technologies in commodity mode. As technology heads toward the free it unleashes the only lasting thing it can: options and possibilities.

[As always, the underlines, color changes, and bold type is mine, not the author’s.  I do this so often, I should probably put a disclaimer to this effect at the bottom of every blog!]

Please read the post and report back to me what you gleaned from it. 

What does this mean for education and the students of today?

Either it is too late at night for me to understand it, or I am not capable of understanding it!!

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