Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Meryl Streep, Barnard Commencement Address

This is 28 minutes long, so watch it when you have time. Meryl Streep really is quite entertaining. She makes you feel like you are her best friend and she is just talking to you personally.  She is charming, witty, entertaining, funny, and serious, too.

I know that her talk is not really the type of thing I normally post about here on the site, but I still think it is education related. She explains how her life has developed and how one learns about life, living, and happiness. Those are all things that we all want and need. Those are all reasons that we continue in the field of education and the field of life.

Enjoy your 28 minutes… Share Meryl’s thoughts with those you love and care about. And remember, make your parents proud… And Parents, be proud of your children.

This, too, was presented to me via my blogger friend, Pat H.from Successful Teaching. She really has a good eye for finding the important things in life. Thanks.

Take time to enjoy your life, appreciate your life, and appreciate those around you, those special people.

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