Sunday, January 22, 2012

A REPLY to ANONYMOUS.. my reader

The power of the internet is amazing. 
How far reaching it is!

I need to explore all the aspects of this blog.

I do not know how to respond to a reader's comment.

Of course this reader posted the comment as anonymous,
so that makes it impossible, I guess.

This comment was regarding a long ago post
regarding my family reunion held in late July 2010.
This reader, knew someone in the family who had passed away.
A childhood friend.

I really wanted to answer that person making a comment,
but as anonymous, I could not.

It sounds like everything he/she mentioned
points to my husband's cousin being the person they knew.

I do have information on the family.
At this point, both the parents have passed away
and there is a brother alive and an adopted younger sister
that I can get into contact with if the viewer wants more information.

We don't want to lose that power!
Be sure to fight for the internet to stay "free."
See my most recent post if you missed it.

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