Tuesday, June 30, 2009

WHERE have you BEEN?

I just want to say, SORRY!

I started substitute teaching and ended up with a position as the Technology Lab Assistant. This took up a great deal of time and I was not able to post. Now school is out and after a wonderful vacation in Nantucket, MA, I am back to reading blogs and hopefully writing more blogs.

The cartoon and the "story" If you Give a Teacher a Mouse.. just posted are results of slowly becoming caught up with reading all my blogs.

I think they are both fun and true!

I subscribe to over 125 blogs in my Google Reader. When you go absent for a while, it takes quite some time to get caught up. There is always something new waiting to be told, learned, read, or digested.

Soon I will be back to substituting in the Year Round Schools in our district.

Hopefully, a full time regular teaching position will be "just around the corner."

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