Monday, August 31, 2009

Inspiration to Keep on Teaching… that Fire!

I have to thank my PLN friend, and fellow blogger, Pat H of Successful Teaching AKA the “Loonyhiker” for alerting me to this Wonderful Blog Post by Mike Rush at Teacher Food.

I enjoyed his posts so much, I even wrote him a comment. (I know I should comment more, but I am too shy to comment much!)

He seems to be a relatively new blogger and seems to be a “more experienced” teacher like me. His posts are awesome. He has a great future career as a writer, IMHO. So, therefore, I HAD TO write a COMMENT!

Please go over to his blog and read his posts. Your day will be much brighter after reading just one post!

I decided I had “poured out my heart” to Mike, a bit, in my comment to him, as well as compliment his writing skills. Therefore, for my own benefit, I decided to post my comment to him here on my own blog. I hope it tells my readers a little bit more about me, the person behind these blogs.

Your blog is Very Special! You are a GREAT writer! I am completely in awe of what you have written.

I was not sure how long you have been writing this blog. This "starting" post does not have a date.

You have already made a difference in the lives of teachers, at least one (me), and I am sure in many others who have read your words and quoted you.

I am one of those "old farts of teachers" who taught right out of college, then "retired" to have my children and be a stay at home mom (back in the day), and then slowly after many hours of substituting, volunteering, and tutoring, got back into the classroom.

Then I moved into a completely new area of the country. I thought I was "really retired," but the economy took a dive and so did my investments. I need to work in some capacity.

Also, I was missing being "in the thick of things!"

My grown son gave me 1 year of "retirement" before I would get back to work, but it took me almost 2 years!

So far, in this economy, I have not yet gotten a permanent position. I still have "the fire" within me to make a difference and desperately want to be in the classroom. I taught 4th grade, then 1st grade, then computer lab. I am truly a computer geek, despite my advanced years!

I graduated from college and got my teaching certificate 38 years ago. I've only got about 12 years of teaching "credits" and some of those are in private schools, so they "don't count" to some entities.

Nevertheless, I still feel like I've got that "new teacher" fire in me. When most of my peers are retiring and playing with grandchildren, traveling the world, or just relaxing, I want to be back in the classroom.

So I will keep "fighting the fight" to get a permanent position and also know that my work as a substitute, tutor, and interim teacher is valuable work.

I am an excellent teacher and there is a place for me!

They may have to put me in the grave to get me away from teaching in some form!
So keep on with the writing. It helps someone every day to read it!

So, Thanks, Mike, for writing and inspiring me!

Who inspires you?

What keeps you in the classroom, day after day?

Tell us about it, please.

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