Monday, August 31, 2009

KNOWERS (Talkers) or DOERS (Implementers)?

Beth Holmes of The 21st Century Centurion wrote Is There Satisfaction in Knowing Without Doing?

She came to this question because

“Bob Sprankle, co-founder of the Seedlings Social Network and author of the Bit by Bit blog and podcasts published a fascinating little survey that posed an intriguing question: Are You Satisfied with the Pace of Change?

She states:

I know that we continue to "see" traditional schools because our our profession is deeply ensnared in the abyss of the "knowing- doing gap." This common organizational phenomenon is described by J. Pfeffer and R.I. Sutton(1999) in their informative book, The Knowing Doing Gap: How Smart Companies Turn Knowledge into Action. Very simply, the authors confront education's #1 PROBLEM:
"WHY do educators know so much and do so little about the pace of change?"

In a nutshell, the field of education is engorged with knowledge experts - but it is painfully short on doers who implement knowledge and do so to promote organizational change. The authors correctly note that the most destructive aspect of the knowing-doing gap is the substitution of TALKING ACTIVITIES for action.

Until our profession begins full implementation of our collective knowledge, I doubt we will enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done.

So are you a KNOWER (Talker) or a DOER (Implementer)?

Guess I need to stop blogging so much and Start Doing Something More…

I am trying to get a job, so I can be a DOER! I can be an implementer in my classroom, in my job in education.

[As always, in my author quotes, the underlines, color changes, and bold type is mine, not the author’s!]

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