Monday, August 31, 2009

Why Integrate Technology?

Reading along over the summer from Taste of Tech by John Schinker about their Teachers Without Borders - Canada team's visit to Africa, I found a wonderful video talk given to the teachers in Kenya about Integrating Technology made by Zac Chase. In his talk, Zac emphasized

“If I share with you my idea, you cannot own it until you add to it.”

He also states

Learning must be…

1) Active

2) Collaborative

3) Integrated into your students’ lives

4) Evaluative

and 5) Inspirational

Although the video was taken on a handheld Flip video camera and is not going to win awards at the Film Festival in Cannes, the message is the most important part… and that should win awards!

Please have a listen here.

Is learning in your classroom ---Active, Collaborative, Integrated into your students’ lives, Evaluative, and Inspirational?

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