Thursday, August 27, 2009


I am using Zoho Writer, to try it out to see what type of blog post it makes. That was one of the features that Zoho Writer has promoted.

Reading a recent blog post by Richard Bryne reminded me all about the Zoho product line which I signed up for some time ago and then never used it. (Richard's post about a different Zoho product, Zoho Meeting, started me on this path, but I will blog about that product later.)

Now I wonder how to insert a link to the blog (from Richard Bryne) that I was reading. I have to (am choosing to try to) learn to use this new program, Zoho Writer, for my blog posting.

Here is the link to where I started on this Zoho saga.

Free technology for Teachers by Richard Bryne

I wonder how it will look in my actual blog post on Blogger.

Currently I am using Windows Live Writer to write my blogs. I have only started using it in the past month. I think it has contributed to the volume of blog posts that I have made in this last month. My productivity for blog posting has really increased.

In Windows Live Writer, there are at least 2 tabs at the bottom of the page where you are typing your post. If you go to the Source tab, you can insert a link that will be embedded into certain words if you know how to write the source code.

I am a new blogger and very limited on how to write source code. Therefore, I like simplicity. So far, using Windows Live Writer with my 1 or 2 skills in embedding code is the extent of my expertise.

Will my title of this document turn into the title of this blog post? (COMMENT: YES, posted from Blogger.)

We will soon see when I post this blog entry.

Another question that I wonder about when using Windows Live Writer is that when I post to Blogger, there are Technorati tags, but there are no Blogger tags.

Usually then I go to where I edit blogger posts and then add my tags. This way there are two lists of tags at the bottom of each blog. I am not sure if that is necessary or not. I just want to be sure to have the right tags for searchability, both for those on the web looking for topics and for me in my own personal blog.

That is a problem with the web today.

There are so many products out there that one can get bogged down in trying them all or not knowing which product works best for you. I am especially susceptible to FREE products!

Also I am thinking that the shift to CLOUD COMPUTING is the wave of the future. I know some people are afraid of it because they worry about losing documents or not having access to documents if the internet connection is down. All of these are valid concerns.

These items are both topics for more blog posts.

I am anxious to post this and see how it looks on my blog.


If you know how to answer any of my many questions in this blog post, those of you who are more expert bloggers, ... ANSWER ME! Please!

COMMENT: (made using Blogger editing - after the original post was made from Zoho Writer)

After posting this from Zoho Writer (which was quite easily actually. A tab that said SHARE and then a item that said "share to blog"), I decided to leave it as is, except for correcting some typos.

Also I had made new paragraphs in Zoho Writer and they left 2 lines of space between every paragraph. It made my blog post very long.

The link for the blog that started me on this journey is just as a regular link in a text document. I do not like how that looks.

Here (in Blogger) I am working with the html code to make the link look nice.

Free technology for Teachers by Richard Bryne This looks so much nicer.

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