Sunday, September 20, 2009

Art online

I read a blog post at Teachers Love SmartBoards about SMARTBoards and Creating Original Artwork that mentions an online drawing program in Beta called ArtPad. This can be used on a SmartBoard but also on an individual computer.

I worked with the program and made a drawing, but when I saved the link for my artwork, I could not find it.

You also have the option of e-mailing your drawing to friends. At this point it has not yet been e-mailed to me. I will update if I get it in an e-mail. art pad pic #2

I made a screen shot and copied it into Paint and it is shown here.  When you are on the site, you can have the experience of the drawing from beginning to end replayed.

Below are the links to my drawings:

Please comment if you can find/see them. Perhaps there is something wrong on my computer. I have been having problems with the Java applets.

If this program works properly, then it would be a fun way, especially for younger students, to make art.

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