Sunday, September 20, 2009

Each one, Teach one

From Each one, teach one by Ashley Tan at his blog Another Dot in the Blososphere.  Ashley says
Karl Kapp shares his thoughts on how students can become better learners. They should teach.

Kapp calls this approach the “each one, teach one” method. Catchy name for something that I am sure progressive educators practice but might not label as such. Perhaps he should trademark it!
I agree that as students learn something, they learn it more clearly when they teach it to someone else. 

Teaching a concept requires students to understand the concept and to formulate how to make someone else understand it.  Now, students may not think about various learner strategies and how to teach all students in the class, but they will be able to reach certain students because they are coming at the learning from a student’s perspective which most of the time a teacher cannot do.  I know many teachers try to get this perspective, but, of course, students are best at this!

How do you allow your students to teach the lesson?

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