Saturday, November 7, 2009

One Writer's Beginnings

I just found out about a family member's new blog and I had to write about it. My husband's cousin's wife... my cousin-in-law, I will call her. (Usually I just call her Portia.)

Recently, I applied for a position, part-time, teaching 5th grade writing and social studies.  In my usual over-the-top research and enthusisam for any subject that gets my attention, I began researching various writing sites.  How to teach writing... to the elementary school student.  These days, at least here in NC, there is a push that teachers must also be writers themselves. How else can you teach a student to write if you don't know how to write and haven't experienced writer's block, etc., yourself?

I have never really been a writer, in the past. 

I say that with 137 blog posts to my credit, but I don't feel many of those posts are really writing. 

I just sit down at the computer and start typing - whatever comes into my mind.  I don't "craft" the writing, certainly not like my "cousin-in-law" does.  Portia has a way with words.  I have no idea how long she takes to write these posts and podcasts, but they are really good. 

Now, I am thinking, if I had gotten that job, could I have called upon Portia to be a guest speaker to my students? To ask her to talk about how she decides upon her topics, her words, her ideas.  Yes, I could have and I would have, now that I know this fact about her. 

So, as Portia comments about the internet, blogs, Facebook, and podcasts, etc. the current modes of communication of our children and even some of us oldsters, her comment has hit pay dirt.

I have made a new friend on the internet, that was already someone I knew, but I didn't really "know." 

So tell your friends and family about what you are doing when you start.  Don't be afraid.  There will plenty of support from the Right People!

When you have time and the inclination, stop on by Portia's new blog..

One Writer's Beginnings
...Reading, Writing, and a Little Bit More/

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Portia Pennington said...

Hey, Faye...thanks so much for the kind comments, for reading my blog, and for leaving me such lovely little notes to find!! As you can tell, the blog is a new venture, but I am enjoying it as an outlet, and as a way to communicate with folks! Glad Garnet hooked me up with your blog, are doing a great job with this!

Thanks again, for taking time to read and to comment! Hope you guys are doing well!