Sunday, August 22, 2010

Where Do You Live?

Do you live in the real world? the world of your students? in the World of Technology?

I just read the blog post of Shelley Terrell at Teacher Boot Camp where she posts this quote:

“For teachers who spend time there, blog-tweet world is like King Solomon’s Mines, full of riches and constantly replenished with new ideas and links. But most teachers don’t live there. This is sad perhaps, but it’s the truth.” by Ken Wilson

From Shelly’s blog post, she states …

No, I do not believe teachers who do not use technology are bad teachers, but this is what I believe….

    • If we are knowledge sharers, shouldn’t we continue to fill ourselves with knowledge?
    • If we want to inspire students to continue learning throughout their lives, then shouldn’t we continue to learn throughout our lives?
    • If we want motivated students who see learning as a journey, then shouldn’t we continue our journey?
    • If we want to motivate students to be the best in their fields, then shouldn’t we be the best in our fields?
    • If we want other educators to listen to our ideas, then shouldn’t we read about their ideas?
    • If we want support from our colleagues, then shouldn’t we support their workshops and projects?
    • If we want students to use digital media responsibly, then shouldn’t we give them access and show them how?
    • If we want students to not let technology overtake their lives, then shouldn’t we teach them how to balance themselves?
    • How can we teach balance, if we don’t have any social media in our diet?

Do you live anywhere near the world your students live in?  (digitally?)

Are you willing to move closer to their world or at least visit their world to get a glimpse of it?

Tell me where you live and where you are willing to live?

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