Saturday, August 2, 2008

Brain Talks and TED talks - Very Engaging

I have been so excited about listening to a video that was mentioned in this blog. The Thinking Stick Blog

I recommend that you go to this blog and click on the hyperlink to listen to the 50 minute engaging, informative, entertaining, and educational video. It is about John Medina's book and ideas called Brain Rules. It has some implications for the workplace and education as well.

BTW, this is my first attempt to put a link into my blog. Wish me luck. We will see if it worked.

I also wanted to recommend that you go to the TED site, join for free, and get e-mails sent to you regarding their videos which are 15-20 minutes long usually and well worth the time. If this linking works, I may try to tell you some of my favorite talks.

BTW, TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design. You will learn more at their website. TED website

Wish me luck in this new experience!

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Jeff said...

Nice work on the link it seems to work just fine! TED is awesome I recommend it to everyone. Great 20 minutes presentations!