Saturday, July 5, 2008

Love to Learn

I just love to learn.
I am especially enamored with technology, but I love to make things easier in life and to help others learn. Technology can help with this.
I also enjoy the community that can be found via technology. You can learn and find out about anything. There are so many people willing to help you. They don't really KNOW you, but they want to help.
I can easily get lost in the web. There is so much there and I find so much of it interesting. There is never enough time to search and read, and do all that I want to do. AND I AM "RETIRED."
I guess I need to get a job to channel some of this energy and enthusiasm.
The big question is WHAT JOB?
I love my flexibility. I love working with people and technology. I love to help people.
I will continue to ponder this as I enjoy "surfing the web," meeting new friends, and learning.

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