Friday, July 31, 2009

Pre-writing in WINDOWS LIVE

Did you know that you can write your blog first in Windows Live and then have it posted into your blog?  This allows you to have many of the same features that you have with WORD, but it does not have tags that WORD would use to make your blog not look right on your blog site.Faye head shot 007 MHO22


I am just trying this out for the first time.  Spell check is one thing that I really want.  I type such that my spelling is never right. I also have a tendency to always capitalize 2 letters whenever I capitalize any word.  This will help me tremendously.


I am also thinking that it will make bold statements easier and headings.  I have actually never used headings because I did not know how in Blogger. 

Great blogs ahead

So I will be writing even better blogs from now on.


Try Live Writer yourself.  I did not download all the services they had because I like all of my G-mail services, but there are other services available.

Other ways?

Is there any other way to write blogs, not in Word, and still have them look nice in a blog?

Let me know.

Windows Live Writer Blog

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