Saturday, August 1, 2009


Currently, I am looking for a job, employing all my talents, hopefully, in a school system.

I have recently moved to NC from IL and after nearly 2 years of "retirement" am now seeking out gainful employment in the field of my expertise (and in the field of MY CALLING!).

In my online application process (with only 250 characters to answer), I was asked several questions.

Knowledge of "How Students Learn" was essential to answering some questions.

Then as I was "strolling" through the blogosphere, I ran across a post in Kevin Jarrett's blog about a PD experience online via NJDOE. Upon opening the slide presentation, I came across the following slide which (as you may have noticed) I edited. All learners WANT to learn with the following guidelines:


It doesn’t matter whether someone is a student/child learner or an student/adult learner, we all feel more comfortable with the qualifications listed in the slide above.

-- LEARNING related to our past experience

-- LEARNING with relevance to our lives

-- LEARNING we can put to immediate use

-- LEARNING practice and reflection in a safe environment

-- LEARNING recognized by our particular experience and expertise

-- LEARNING where we are involved in making decisions about  their own learning

As teachers and facilitators of learning, each lesson we teach should allow every learner to be comfortable and employ the traits listed above.

What do you think about this?  How do you allow for each learner’s specific needs?

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