Monday, August 3, 2009

Help the squirrel? OR How I got back onto Twitter…

I love the internet… I just ran into this blog that I don’t ever remember having seen before. The writer of the blog is a person that I follow on Twitter… if you could really say I FOLLOW people on Twitter. (NOT REALLY!)

Actually truth be known… I signed up for Twitter A REALLY LONG TIME AGO, but really have hardly ever used it.  Once when I was DESPARATE to find a way to bypass the filters blocking YouTube at my school, I put out a tweet for help.  My fellow tweeters pulled through.  They mostly told me to use ZAMZAR to convert it so I could put it on a flash drive and carry it to school to use… also I could then e-mail the video to myself and the co-teacher for whose class I was working on this project.  It ended up working GREAT… I thanked my fellow TWEETERS,  but then I have not been back on Twitter since. 

Today for some reason, I decided to try Twitter…

OH, I think in some bog post that I read, (SORRY, I still can’t remember who wrote about the site I went to – been running up and down my reader trying to figure it out… can’t!) there was a reference to an article to get  K-3 Teachers started on Twitter.  I figured that was just what I needed.  A Kindergarten approach…

I went to the link and read the information.  It seemed straight forward and made it all seem so easy. 

So I got onto Twitter. 

I started looking at the people I FOLLOW… (I use that term loosely.)

After reading the DIRECTIONS for K-3, I knew that I should look up the web pages of the people I might want to follow. So that brought me to this first blog post whereupon I learned about  THE SQUIRREL….


Happy Twittering.

Do you use Twitter? How long did it take you to get hooked? How can Twitter be used at school, even in K-3?


loonyhiker said...

I am on twitter and plurk (which I like even more than twitter because it is easier for me to follow the conversations). I have learned so many great resources from both and feel like I have a support system by being a part of the group. These connections have definitely made my life as a teacher much richer.

fivbert said...

Thanks for your comment, loonyhiker.

I am new to "commenting on people commenting on my blog!" I WILL get the hang of this.

I have been spending more time on Twitter recently and have felt I am learning more and more with it.

Thanks for the encouragement.