Monday, August 3, 2009

THE SQUIRREL for real OR… constructivism as a “best case scenario” for learning

Check out this VIDEO.It takes 5 minutes but it is well worth it.  While you are watching, think about teaching your students, all of your students, even those who don’t get it the first time.

OKAY, what did you think? 

NASH WORLD says, "To me, even more than goal setting and teamwork… this video speaks to the idea of honoring a constructivist approach to learning… and the gentle scaffolding required to get students to the ultimate goal within such a framework."

I think this opens up a great discussion.  Show it to your faculty or just one fellow teacher.

Some students need just a little extra push, a little extra idea, or help in an unusual way. 

Think about your students. What scaffolding can you give the ones who don’t get it on first jump?  Do you employ different strategies for those students who need extra help to get over the wall?

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