Saturday, September 5, 2009

How has learning changed? – a nifty picture evaluation

I just “found” Paul Bogush over at Blogush thanks to my friend and PLN member Pat H (aka Loonyhiker) at Successful Teaching

You should all follow Pat. She has lots of knowledge and follows the best people.

Anyways, Paul Bogush shows a nifty picture response to class evaluation. See the picture below.

Notice that the student expects to be able to continue after this year’s class with this newer style of learning.
This “evaluation” is just one example of the innovative and creative examples that Paul shows his students in the classroom. 
His students know that (as he states in his Intro to Class -- First Day Song) you might notice that the teacher is a bit different. These kids feel wanted, accepted, and motivated to learn in more creative methods.

Listen here: First Day Song

Sure he could just be blogging about the best and brightest of his class “teaching” experiences, but I think not.  He is a bit shy to boast (So I’ll do it for him!), but I think he is the kind of teacher I’d want for my own children. (My children are all grown up now, but still…you understand what I mean!)

I’m so glad I “found” him and can’t wait to see what new thoughts and ideas and conversations he comes up with on his blog. It will never be dull over there at Blogush!

What do you do that is unique, welcoming, or allows for individual differences in your classroom to make the students feel accepted?

Tell us and show us.

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Paul Bogush said...

Wow, wow, wow...thank you so much for the incredibly kind words :)