Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wordle – We Can!

We Can Wordle
Just had to showcase this wonderful Wordle from Kathy Cassidy’s Grade One class blog.

A great use of a Wordle
Every class, every child should be able to make one of these themselves. Think of the self-esteem created here!

Do you know what Wordle is? 

You take some text, whatever words you want to use, (the text from a blog post, the text from the Declaration of Independence, the text from a story a child wrote, or the text from a book, etc.) Then you insert the text into the “Magic Wordle Maker," (click on the link Wordle to get to the website) and Voila! You have a Wordle that makes words that appear most often in the text bigger than words that appear less often.  There are also tricks you can use to add special effects and finagle the way it looks and works!

By the way, did you know that the maker of Wordle, Jonathan Feinberg, listened to educators?  Teachers were cautious using Wordle with students because there are some Wordles that others have made that may not be acceptable to children viewing.  Now when you go to Wordle, you automatically get to the "Create a Wordle" page, not the page that showcases the most recent examples of Wordles that have been made!

How have you used Wordle in your classroom, with your colleagues/teachers, in your blog, in a presentation to other teachers/administrators?

Please share those.

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