Tuesday, October 27, 2009

IDEA PAINT – what a great idea!

I just read a wonderful, inspiring blog post.  You can tell that I am a teacher and easily amused. Teachers frequently like “techy” ideas, artistic ideas, and office supply ideas…. so listen to this.

Angela Maiers over at Angela Maiers Educational Services – Putting Learning and Learners First had a great blog post entitled IdeaPaint - Let Your Students Make Their Mark.

The videos tell the story completely, but I, too, want some of this at my house! I wonder how much it costs and where you can get it.  It is an idea that is just in time. Schools and parents of young children, especially, will love this; businesses can also use this concept. 

Now I want to know if you can get it in other colors!

Watch the videos and ENOY!

Where would/could you use this paint?

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