Thursday, October 1, 2009

LEARN NC ONLINE Conference 2009

I had a wonderful learning experience today and all from the comfort and privacy of my home!

I participated in the LearnNC Online Conference 2009. Peruse the agenda here. Later, you can view the taped portions of the afternoon online conference. All conference sessions are to be archived on LEARN NC website and posted here when they're ready. Also all handouts are available. This was an all day conference for those attending in person, but only the afternoon was available online.

For me, one of the most interesting parts was the discussion about PBL (Project Based Learning) by a high school science teacher, Kelly Yonce. Kelly had been a typical teacher for 5 years and then found out about PBL. She started teaching in that manner in all her classes and now has been doing for at least 4 years. She clearly states that it is a different way of teaching and takes a lot of preparation and constant revising, but she feels her students truly understand the concepts she is teaching rather than just spitting back definitions on a test. Read about her here.

There was another session that was full of interesting tools and sites that are all FREE. These sites are mentioned in a blog entitled Instructify which is “published” by LearnNC.

This was an excellent way for me to learn from home and at my own pace.  I could  listen and participate online and then I can also review everything and print out or review the handouts from online at any time after the conference.  It makes learning convenient and suited to my needs today.

Thanks LEARN NC!

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