Monday, May 17, 2010

The Power of UTube

Wesley Fryer is one of my favorite bloggers to read.

I remember when his daughter posted a video on UTube about her comments on the inaugural speech made by President Obama.  Wesley mentioned the reaction and the “fame” created by that posting.

His blog post is quite a good piece of writing and shows his concern for young Greyson. He gives a “lesson” to Greyson and his family about the internet and the pros and cons of notoriety. All students should learn this.

This is an excellent opportunity for those in education, and especially those in technology and education, to step up to the plate and teach the students we have influence over about these situations.

Learning at this moment when the “fame” is there is VERY IMPORTANT!

From a church talent show to the Ellen DeGeneres Show: YouTube fame for an Edmond 6th grader: Watch it and enjoy.

Here is his interview and performance on the Ellen DeGeneres show:

This is the world our students live in on a daily basis.  Technology is out there everywhere.

I noticed that in the interview Greyson said he got a text from his mom that said to call her.  He was able to accept that text and then excuse himself from the classroom, as he says, and call his mom from school, in the hallway outside his classroom. Obviously his school does not have a problem with cell phones and their use during the school day.

I would like to learn more about what school he attends and what their technology experiences are for all the students in the school.

Then, add to the technological experience that Gaga is on the phone  talking with Ellen and Greyson on live TV. The only thing that could have been better is that there would have been video of her side of the conversation.   Doesn’t she have Skype?

Teachers, technology experts, and interested learners, what lessons can you make from this opportune moment?

Leave a comment… What will you do or how will you use this as a learning experience for your students?

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