Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Please, I don’t want to hear that.. I’m so glad it’s summer today!

Thanks again to blogger friend Pat H. from Successful Teaching who has hit upon another favorite blog post she relayed to me! 

(I have to admit, I had been WAY behind in reading my blogs and my recommended postings from fellow bloggers, but … WOW, Pat, you sure are hitting the nail on the head with me this month!)

Please mosey on over to Top 9 phrases teachers hate to hear. from The Chronicles of a Veteran Kindergarten Teacher by Cheeseboy, to read the details. Most of you can imagine the descriptions from just these sub titles.

I present to you, in full Cheeseboy regalia, the top 9 announcements teacher hate to hear:
9. "The PTA will be putting on a fund-raising assembly today."

8. "Today will be an inside recess day."

7. "It's Grandparents Day today!"

6. "The 6th (or any other grade) is using the gym today."

5. "The choices for lunch today are trout treasures or chili."

4. "It won't stop bleeding."

3. "I kicked my shoe over the fence at recess."

2. "Tomorrow is crazy hair day."

1. "I couldn't make it to the bathroom."


What do you do to have fun rather than tear your hair out at the end of a BAD HAIR DAY at school? Leave a comment.

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loonyhiker said...

Thanks for your kind words! :) Now to answer your question about what I do - I go home and share stories about the day with my hubby. Since he is a noneducator, many times he finds the humor in the stories and ends up helping me find it too. Then I feel so much better!