Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Digital Footprints… What do you know?

Parents, students, teachers, EVERYONE should watch this video and discuss it!

Video compliments of …

Educational leaders in Hoover, Alabama, have created a superb "teaser" video for upcoming parent education classes on digital citizenship which will begin this fall. The 3 minute, 35 second video includes well-planned scenes depicting the choices as well as consequences involved with cell phone sexting.

Students of today need to understand their digital footprint and know what and how it impacts them, their lives, their future.

Thanks again to blogger friend Pat H. from Successful Teaching. who alerted me to this blog post Digital Citizenship video resources from Hoover, Alabama Schools and Common Sense Media from Moving @ Speed of Creativity by Wesley Fryer, one of my PLN bloggers that I read.

How are you teaching and guiding the students/children you are responsible for regarding their digital footprint? Leave a comment.

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