Monday, June 28, 2010

Thanks to my PLN … Kahn Academy … UTube UNIVERSITY … IMHO


I have a great PLN (Personal Learning Network).

I have a huge list of blogs that I read.

Sometimes I read every single word; sometimes I scan the posts; sometimes, I feel like  I am way behind in reading all the posts and so I (Gasp!) say I have read them (and click them READ) just to get my number of unread posts lower!

There, I have admitted it. It feels so good!

Dean Shareski,of Ideas and Thoughts blog, is someone who I have followed his blog posts for some time, and even followed him on Twitter (although I have to admit – Gasp! – that I am NOT a twitter guru or complete convert!)

Today I was catching up on some blog posts from those many blogs on my blogroll, and suddenly, I saw this post: The Kahn Academy.

I wasn’t sure I was going to watch the video, but something in the blog post piqued my curiosity. So I watched. And if you try it, you, too, should be glad you did.

Sal has such an unassuming quality to his manner of speaking that you immediately feel you know him, you like him, and you want to listen to him. These are the reasons his Kahn Academy is so successful and so valuable!

Thank you Sal!

(You see, I can call you by your first name because I feel like you are already my friend, even though we have never met, talked, or seen each other!)

Watch the video and then go on to attend the Kahn Academy and learn things you never thought you would ever understand!

Sal Khan at Gel 2010 (founder, the Khan Academy) from Gel Conference on Vimeo.

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