Sunday, August 3, 2008

17 Reasons Why football is Better than High School

from Jason Ohler's website
Sad commentary on education... don't know when this was written, but it hopefully has changed in the age of technology's influence on education.

Seventeen Reasons Why Football is Better Than High School

by Herb Childress

In football, teenagers are considered important contributors rather than passive recipients.
In football, teenagers are encouraged to excel.
In football, teenagers are honored.
In football, a player can let the team down.
In football, repetition is honorable.
In football, the unexpected happens all the time.
In football, practices generally run a lot longer than 50 minutes.
In football, the homework is of a different type from what's done at practice.
In football, emotions and human contact are expected parts of the work.
In football, players get to choose their own roles.
In football, the better players teach the less-skilled players.
In football, there is a lot of individual instruction and encouragement from adults.
In football, the adults who participate are genuinely interested.
In football, volunteers from the community are sought after.
In football, ability isn't age-linked.
Football is more than the sum of its parts.
In football, a public performance is expected.

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Anonymous said...

Childress' article is revealing of our antiquated teaching strategies in most of the country. Education should be enjoyable and an engaging activity. If teachers extract the essence of his story, classroom opportunities to reach all temperaments - it's called read up on diversified teaching strategies.