Sunday, September 13, 2009 …POSTERS here we come!

One of my Diigo groups posted this bookmark and I decided to try it out!

Glogster is a poster making application.  I only made one (see below) but it was a lot of fun.  I know you can import photos, probably drawings too, add text to them, save them, and also you can publish them to the web if you want or keep them private. I could embed the code for this one into my blog as well.

I didn’t quite like the way my text laid out on the speech bubble, but perhaps I could have played around with it a little more.  I am not sure if there were alignment adjustments available. I know there were font size and color adjustments. I think the number of fonts is limited.

Overall, for a free tool, I think it is worth a project or two. Besides if the kids like it, they can use it also on their own time and perfect their technology skills!

I always love it when a student takes something we use/do in class and then goes home or in study hall extends the lesson further by using it for their own purposes! Authentic learning!

What fun, yet educational tools do you introduce to your students?


Mike said...

Hey Ms. V,
I learned about Glogster this summer. I haven't tried it out yet, but seeing your poster in your blog has given me the inspiration I was looking for. Thanks!

Teacher Food

fivbert said...

Thanks Mike,
Glad that you are going to try Glogster out.

Send me a result of your work!

We're all in this together!