Thursday, September 3, 2009

Teacher’s Guide to Web 2.0 at School Illustrated

Sacha Chua is a wonderful blogger, friend, and part of my PLN (Personal Learning Network).  Sacha and I have only met via the internet, but I feel like I “know” her. I feel like she is in “my circle of friends.”  I don’t really remember how I “found” her on the internet.

She is not in education, in the teacher sort of way, but she is an educator by teaching others the things she knows or has learned, and, of course, she’s a lifelong learner, as well.

She works for IBM and works on some stuff that I know nothing about called Drupal and emacs.  She is very smart. a great writer, and a great presenter, plus a cat lover, social connector, gardener, seamstress, and improv wannabe/learner. She has so many interests that it makes me dizzy just thinking of all the areas she dabbles in.  (Many areas are much more than a dabble, believe me!) She’s just an all around great person.

First, let me warn you that Sacha has a way with pictures… bet you thought I was going to say “way with words!”  She has that “way with words,” too, but she uses as few words as necessary and many drawings, simple drawings, handmade drawings, not fancy worked over images. Her few words and simple drawings have a mighty impact.  I guess what she really does is get to the “heart” of things - the meat of the matter.  She always makes an idea seem so easy to learn, as well.

Please enjoy the SlideShare presentation Sacha made for teachers.
When you have a chance, wander over to her blog.  She always has a lot to say.

Now tell me what did Sacha tell you that you didn’t know before?
What did Sacha make you realize you already knew, but just hadn’t realized it yet?
Did Sacha make you  just a little bit more interested in Web 2.0 tools?

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