Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Oxygen on the playground... a cute video

While reading the blog The Whiteboard Blog, I found this charming little video that explains some of the reactions of Oxygen with other elements. I know for me it will solidify some of those concepts.

Kids will love it!

Students remember facts and concepts more easily when related to a story or some more memorable event.

Below is another video I found online about Oxygen.

This also makes me think about how in today’s school environment, facts are not the major component of education. 

Or, I should say, in my opinion they are not.

Students, with the wealth of all information at their fingertips, do not need to memorize tons of facts to spout back to the teacher on a test.

Students need to know why the facts are important, why they are relevant to their lives, now and in the future.

How are you “testing” your students knowledge… by what they can do with a fact or by the fact alone?

Let us know your lessons, assessments, and ideas? Leave a comment.

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